Graduate Honors & Awards


Graduate Assistant

I was selected for a full-ride Graduate Assistantship for my Master’s degree to co-run the Nonprof-IT program.

Nonprof-IT is a UWM internship program that selects students to work as a team and connects them with a local non-profit organization to help them with their technology needs. The students get class credit, and real-world client experience, and well-deserving organization get critical technology help. We have helped over 30 nonprofits so far.

Duties includes:

  • Interviewing and selecting both students and organizations.
  • Organizing student groups and giving guidance when needed.
  • Consulting nonprofits with projects too small for a group of students.
2017 – Present

Undergraduate Honors & Awards

Office of Undergraduate Research

Summer Internship Program

  • Was one of 20 incoming freshmen who were selected to go to the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee the summer before our freshman year to conduct academic research.
  • Worked with Dr. Michael Zimmer, Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Information Policy Research. Afterwards I was hired by Dr. Zimmer to continue the work during the school year.
  • Worked on his content analysis research project, The Zuckerberg Files. When launched, it attracted national attention, with articles written in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, Huffington Post, and others.


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Academic Achievement Leadership Award

  • One of 2 recipients out of my freshman class.
  • It is UWM’s largest freshman scholarship and is renewable for 4 years.
  • It granted me admittance into the UWM Leadership Group.
2013 – 2017


School of Information Studies

Undergraduate Scholarships

I have received various scholarships from my department:

  • SOIS Attitude and Aptitude Scholarship (Fall 2017).
  • SOIS Attitude and Aptitude Scholarship (Spring 2016).
  • SOIS Attitude and Aptitude Scholarship (Fall 2016).
  • SOIS Undergraduate Scholarship (Fall 2014).
  • SOIS Dean’s IST Scholarship (Fall 2013).
2013 – 2017

Honors College

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Honors College

Honors College Baldassaro Scholarship

  • One of 3 Honors students selected.
  • Merit-based scholarship with a requirement of special services to the Honors College.

Honors College

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Honors College

Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship

  • Selected to receive a scholarship for my study abroad program in London.